SSDS is dedicated to celebrate each day of the week in its holy spirit and as reverence to the Gods.



Ravi-var is sacred to the Sun. At the mandir, at 10.30 AM, a havan is conducted. A havan is called a Yajna, is performed by devotees lighting a fire in a havan kund whilst making offerings along with chanting of mantrasto invoke the Gods and seek their blessings. Every alternate Sunday, there is a Sunderkand path, in honour of Lord Ram. At 5.00 PM there is usually a Sai Baba recitation.



Soma-var is sacrred to the moon. Monday is Shiva's sacred day. Shiva is ascetic therefore it is good to fast on the day. At the madir, the pandits conduct Lord Shiva's Abhishek with flowers, fruits, milk, rice, bil patra, curd, honey, ghee & sugar. Many devout devotees come and pour milk, water, bil patra and flowers onto the Shivling.



Mangal-var is sacred to planet Mars known as Kumara second son of Shiva and the Godof War. A person born under his influence will be anxious and may also be wounded, imprisoned or robbed. Hence it is worshipped to get rid of its malevolent activities. It's in-auspicious to begin anything new. It is also Lord Hanuman's Day.



Budh-var is sacred to planet Budh (Mercury). At SSDS mandir, the worship of Budh and feeding of brahmins is belived to bring prosperity. Wednesday is also known as the day of Rahoo/Ketu and every Wednesday afternoon, the Stri Sabha of SSDS conduct a satsang.



Guru-var is the guru of the God's spiritual preceptor. A person born under its influence will be endowed with available disposition, will possess palaces, gardens, lands, be rich in money and corn. He will possess much religous merit, and have all his wishes granted.



Sukra- var is sacred to Sukra (Venus) which is not a beautiful day but kindly old Brahmin very nice and learned. Those born in its influence will have the faculty of knowing the past, present and future, many wives kingly umbrella, other kings will worship hi. Sukra has a magic formula to bring dead back to life. It is also the day of Santoshi Maa and it is considered auspicious to worship her on this day.



Shani-var is the day of Shani, Saturn. He is the most malicious of planets. He is lean, ugly, lame old man, whose very appearance portends evil. At SSDS, Pooja for Shani Dev is conducted by pouring oil, black lentils and sindoor on Lord Hanuman's Moorti. Hanuman Chalisa is also recited at 6.30 PM after evening aarti at 6.20 PM. This is then followed by prashad and dinner.