SSDS has been bearing the costs for the education for deserving and needy children upto the year 2013. The scholarships started at Langata High School in the year 2010 and the main objective was ro assist the needy children to complete their studies for the betterment of their lives. The SSDS relevant committee went through numerous reports and certain children and selected the most deserving ones. After identifying the students, SSDS engaged them and started providing financial aid towards their education.


From the year 2014, SSDS has been very active in providing a few selected children with monetary contributions in helping with their education. The children in Don Bosco come from diverse backgrounds and different parts of Kenya. We as a community are fortunate to have this opportunity to support and help the Don Bosco school. In their words, "we are very grateful to you for lovingly accompanying us through this journey with your tangiblre expressions of love and care. All that you offered goes a long way to make our dreams dreams come true in more ways than one". SSDS will aspire to continue helping the Don Bosco children for many years to come.