The mandir is a daily hive of activities. Its a magnificent surrounding to be in and almost magical when you really let yourself immerse into its aura and ethereal nature.  The pandits open the mandir doors at 5.40 AM every day, after which mandir & moorti cleaning takes place which is the followed by the Shalgram Puja. At 6.00 AM, the pandits conduct the daily aarti with many devotees joining in before proceeding to their normal routines. During the course of the day, many devotees may visit the mandir for darshan, to consult with the pandits for spiritual guidance. At noon, the pandits shut the doors of the mandir as all the deity's take a rest up to 4.00 PM. At 6.00 PM, the  daily aarti is conducted by the pandits. Mnay devotees like to attend this aarti after their day. The darshan of the deities continues until 8.00 PM when the doors are closed for the day.