Life in an old - aged with cold, dull walls and an eerie silence when the television was off - in Westlands took a turn for the better when a team of friends decided to make a few changes for the ageing residents. After assessing the needs of the residents and liasing with the board members running the home, the team approached SSDS Temple  for assistance.

From September 2015 onwards, the SSD Mandir has generously been funding a night nurse for the Ashram for the Welfare of the Aged. The "Ashram" - as it is known to many - is home to two ladies and four men who cannot live with their loved ones for various reasons.  Presently, the SSDS Temple's contribution goes towards the day assistant, who maintains hygiene in the home and looks after the welfare of the residents. With generous support from the Guru Nanak Hospital, and other well wishers, the residents of the Ashram are able to get timely medical attention.